Terms of service

2017-02-27 21:45:57

All content (and the website itself) is provided "as is" without any warranty and in the hope that it will be useful. Published content may contain mistakes and/or inaccuracies. By using this website you agree that you are using this website and information that it contains at your sole risk.


You are welcome to use my photos as a desktop background on your PC or other device. You are also welcome to print some of my photos or use them for private purposes in a different way. You can display my photos on your personal website (blog). Using my photos on a website of a company or an organisation is forbidden. Photos displayed on your web site must have a watermark with my name and with address of this website. Photos should be stored on your server, please do not link them from this website.

Without my explicit permission you are not allowed to use my photos for commercial purposes such as (but not only): company identity (website, business cards, logos or other graphics), part of a CD, DVD, book or other cover or ilustration. You are also not allowed to sell my photos in any way or to display them on a web site that makes you money or represents your organisation.


You are allowed to print or save any article for private use. You are also welcome to share a link to an article in any way. Without my explicit permission you are not allowed to copy an article or its part to your either personal or commercial website, article or other document.